Adobe Firefly, New Image Gen A.I.

Firefly is a new generative AI tool from Adobe. It’s a lot like Midjourney but aims to be a tool for professional creatives.

Let’s get to know its features!

Creation of Images and Text Effects

The new Adobe Firefly AI represents a significant leap forward in technology. One of its primary applications is the creation of images and text effects.

This feature aims to generate content for commercial purposes, as the AI is trained on a vast database of professional-grade, licensed images from Adobe Stock, which is Adobe’s royalty-free media library, alongside openly licensed and public domain content with expired copyrights.

Firefly is trained on content from Adobe Stock, not your Adobe Creative Cloud libraries.

The model’s robust style engine enables users to experiment with various generative features to create photos, art, graphics, and text effects.

The users will have great control over aspect ratio, content type, style, color, tone, lighting, and composition.

The AI has been designed to seamlessly integrate into existing workflows, including Adobe Creative Cloud.

What Adobe Says It Will Do

Firefly is currently in the Beta release, where you can access the Text to Image and Text Effects tools. However, Adobe plans to release more tools, such as the Recolor Vectors feature.

More tools are currently in the exploration process, such as Text to vector, 3D to image, text to brush, sketch to image, text to template, and much more.

How Is It Different From Midjourney?

Adobe plans to integrate it into its creative applications, such as Photoshop, and on various platforms to make it easier for customers to use and add it to their workflow.

The Adobe Firefly system is learning and training on Adobe’s content that they have copyright for, unlike Midjourney.

In the future, creators can train Firefly in their own personal style. With this, Adobe plans on building compensation models that will allow contributors to monetize from the content that trains Firefly.

What do you think about the new Adobe Firefly?

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