7 Lightroom Hidden Gems You ish You Knew Sooner

Here are seven essential tips and tricks to enhance your photo editing skills. These techniques will take your Lightroom game to the next level. Let’s dive right in!

Tip 7: Perspective Correction

To quickly adjust the perspective of a photo, press Shift + G to open the Geometry panel. Click on the auto-upright icon to fix any perspective issues automatically.

Tip 6: Precise Control with Keyboard Shortcuts

Hover over any slider and use the arrow keys to make precise adjustments. Tap the up arrow key to increase and the down arrow key to decrease. Hold Shift for increments of 20 and Alt for increments of one.

Tip 5: JPEG File From A Video

Did you know you can import and edit video files in Lightroom? If you want a picture of a specific frame from the video, right-click on the footage, choose Export Video, and select Current Frame to export a JPEG from the video.

Tip 4: Keyboard Shortcut for Color Correction

Press Ctrl + Alt + Shift + H to enable the point slider feature for color correction. Click anywhere in the image to adjust the hue of the selected color.

Tip 3: Fine-Tuning with Curves Adjustment

Use the Curves adjustment in the Light panel to add contrast to your images. To avoid adding saturation inadvertently, use the Refine Saturation slider.

Tip 2: Adaptive Portrait Presets

Explore the Adaptive Portrait Presets under the Premium section in the Presets panel. These presets offer one-click solutions for enhancing portraits.

Tip 1: Advanced Masking Techniques

Learn to utilize advanced masking features to create complex effects. Use intersecting masks to target specific areas of your image for adjustments. Open the Masking Panel and select the person number one mask to cover the entire subject.

Increase exposure and adjust temperature to create a lighting effect. Hold Alt to activate the intersect selection button.

Use a masking tool like the radial gradient to apply the effect selectively. Fine-tune the masks for a polished result.

The best part of these techniques is that they’re all editable. You can always go back and fine-tune your adjustments to achieve the desired results.

If you found these Lightroom tips helpful, don’t forget to like and subscribe for more tutorials. Now, let’s put these tips into action and elevate your photo editing skills with Lightroom!

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