60 Minutes of Photoshop Tips & Tricks (Presentation Recording)

60 Minutes of Photoshop Tips & Tricks is a presentation that I did for the Photoshop and Lightroom group on Facebook.

I talked about some of my favorite Photoshop tips & tricks that most people probably don’t know. I covered things like the Zoomify script, Advance Blending Options, and Color Matching.

This presentation is based on one of my most popular videos; 5 Photoshop Tricks That You Probably Don’t Know.  If enjoyed that tutorial, then you’ll love this presentation!

Let me know in the comments what your favorite tip or trick was!

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Stephanie Wharry

Around 27:00 You’re showing how to edit in camera Raw- would another shortcut be to edit in a Hue/Sat adjustment layer and adjust according to colors? This gives you the added ability to change hue of colors as well saturation and to lighten and darken.

Stephanie Wharry

Ok. Thanx!

carol carlaw

Fantastic tutorial. I learned so much and look forward to watching further tutorials as it is obvious you are a master of photoshop and know your topics in depth. My favourite topics were about grouping masks and blend if as well as properties slider.
Excellent presentation.

Carol Carlaw

Pixie Badeau

Are these tutorials helpful if you have Photoshop Elements?

bryan otieno

this was very helpful gracios