5 Photoshop Tricks You Don’t Know (Probably)

In this video, I will go through 5 Photoshop tricks that you probably did not know.

Leave a comment letting me know how many of these tricks you already knew and which were new to you!

Here’s a quick overview of the tricks and techniques shown in the video

#1: Advanced Blending Options

Uncheck “Transparency Shapes Layer” in the Layer Styles panel to make pixels blend differently when using Blend Modes.

#2: Precise Flare Window

You can bring up a unique “Precise Flare Center” window to add a lens flare to exact locations in your photo.

#3: High Contrast Clouds

Instead of the usual clouds layer, you get when you render clouds, you can generate high-contrast clouds.

#4: Black and White Adjustment Layer For Color Control

You can use a Black and White Adjustment Layer to control the luminance values of specific colors in your photo.

#5: Open One Image In Two Windows

You can have the same photo open in two side-by-side windows, with one view zoomed in and one view zoomed out.

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WOW…this is great…I am very new to PS…I know a little bit but nothing like this…you explain things very easy…I will be watching it again and taking notes…thank you…

Charlie Bowman

Tried to sign up for your tutorials but your site would not accept my email address. Why?



Grady Mathias

Did not know these tips. Thanks!

Scott ONeal

Actually, none of them! Got some great ideas and thoughts on using that last tip with the 2 windows! Thanks 🙂

somia zia

Hello great.It is very helpful.

Laura Wildish

Did not know these tricks very interesting. I have sent you a Facebook friends request.

brian cunningham

didn’t know any of these tips, that’s why I have subscribed, I am very impressed!


The exact position for a lens flare is great but…Do you know how to do the same for Blur like zoom or radial? Thanks


If you make the layer a smart object, then you can edit where the radial/zoom blur originates from, therefor finding the right spot is easy.


thank you… you are great

I knew 3 of them because I always work with them on my images
#1. Advanced Blending Mode
#2. Precise Flare Window
#5. Open One Image In Two Windows

dave birdsey

I have been using photoshop for years and knew none of these. Thank you.

Thom Keach

Thanks for the great tips. I didn’t know any of them as I’m fairly new to PS CC.

Flora Morris Brown

I just got Photoshop CC and when trying to access Frames in Scripted Patterns in Fill dialogue box, discovered it was no longer there. After some research I learned that Flame, Pic frame and Tree were now in Filter>Render. Only problem is they are grayed out on my computer.

I went over to Photoshop community to see if anyone had a solution, but none of the suggested fixes worked. Now what?



I knew a couple of ’em, but three were new to me, and they were good ones! These are great! Thank you!

Akosile Samuel

Your’re great my brother!

Zakir Hossian

Thanks for the great tips.


Thank you for the tutorials. What a big help. I did not know these things. Can’t wait for Saturday. Be blessed!


Awesome! And tour explain so clearly , prob better than any i have seen. Thank you so much!

Trevor Barre

Hi and thanks for these great tips. Being a newbie I was grateful for finding a way to use the Lens Flare more precisely, though when trying to follow this video, my results were nothing like what was shown. After spending hours trying different options I finally discovered that it would only work when I changed my Info Panel Options Mouse Coordinates from cms to pixels.

I’m guessing it is because the Lens Flare Centre window is in pixels and so when I was trying to plot my X and Y coordinates on the photo in cms it was throwing the lens flare right off the canvas? Interested to know if this is the case or if I am just missing something in the video?

Zorro Gamarnik

Oh Thanks, I had problem with it too. Otherwise great tutorial. Thank you.


These are all new to me so thank you very much. I really like #4; l think I’ll be using this one quite a bit!

Aditya Mittal

I didn’t know any of the tricks…Thanks a lot…


Yes, you are right I did not hear about these 5 tricks before. It is an excited tutorial for me. I really like all tricks here Thank you very much

Jamie Sugarman

Brilliant! I’ve been using PS for 5 years and didn’t know any of these. Thank you.


Thank you for the tips, I did not know them, will try them out soon.

Shelley Bezona

Thanks for sharing……learned 4 new things today!..

Alex Breugelmans

Thought I knew it all 🙂
Brilliant to show us these tricks in a precise and short presentation. Excellent teacher!

Susie Learey

This is probably something everyone already knows, but I have done a 30-minute search with no answer, so Idecided to bother you. When an app says “photo size must be 4000 px,” does this mean that one side or the other must be 4000 px?


These are some great Photoshop Tips! Im just starting to use it and this will really help 🙂


Thank you so much for this awesome advice/tutorial ♥!