5 Photoshop TRICKS in 90 SECONDS!! Useful Tricks That You Probably Don’t Know

In this tutorial, you will learn 5 useful Photoshop Tricks that you probably don’t know.

Select Colors from Outside Photoshop

With the Eyedropper tool, you can select colors from outside of Photoshop. Move the photoshop application frame to the side. Click inside the canvas and drag to another application to select any color that you like.

Two Windows Same Document

You can open the same document in two windows to work both on details and the overall all image at the same time.

Go to Window > Arrange, “New Window for” and the name of the document. Then go to Window > Arrange > Two up Vertical or Two-up horizontal to put the two tabs side-by-side.

Zoom in on one tab, and zoom out on the other. Any adjustments that you make will be reflected on both windows.

Bring Back Refine Edge Dialog Box

To refine a selection or a mask you can use the Select and Mask Workspace. If you prefer the old Refine Edge dialog box hold Shift, then go to Select > Select and Mask while you have a mask or selection active to bring it back.

Black and White Adjustment on Luminosity

The Black and White adjustment layer creates black and white images.

The sliders in the Properties panel control the luminosity of the original colors.

If you change the Blending Mode to Luminosity, the color returns, and you can use the sliders to control the luminosity of those colors.

Create Your Own Photoshop Templates – PSDT

In Photoshop CC 2015.5 and newer, you convert a Photoshop document into a Photoshop template file by changing the file extension from PSD to PSDT.

When you open the template file, you will open a new instance of that document and you cannot change or override the original file.

To edit a template file, change it back to a PSD.

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Great 90 second tips, especially to be able to use the old dialog box with the refine edge tool.