5 Photoshop Tricks You Don’t Know (Probably) – Part 2

In this video, I will go through 5 Photoshop tricks that you probably did not know (part 2).

The first part was one of my most popular videos in 2015, and many people requested a follow-up with more tips and tricks!

Here’s a quick overview of the tricks and techniques shown in this video:

  1. Using Group Blending Modes To Control Adjustment Layers
  2. Using Selective Color Adjustment Layer To Create a Saturation Map
  3. The Special 8 Blend Modes
  4. Fill With Patterns Along A Path
  5. Turn Multiple Adjustment Layers Into a LUT
  6. Bonus! Photoshop Easter Eggs.

Leave a comment and let me know how many of these tricks were new to you.

Links discussed in the video:

My Behance Page:

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Coin Tutorial:

Compositing Course:

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Daniel Damocles Wall

The Saturation Map is a good trick. Also I’ve been wondering how to create my own LUT presets.


Thank your for the clear and usefull tricks Jesus !
Amazingly clear to follow, and hopefully to do myself.
In the trick number 5 the creation of the saturation map to better blen objects is amazing.
I am willing to create an action from what you teach us ?
Do you think it is usefull ?
DO you have personnaly created one for this purpose, because it is a lot of manipulations to repeat over and over…

Keep on teaching us as many things as you can !



Thanks a lot, your tutorials are great!
one thing- I tried the banana thing and it didn’t work and now I can’t let it go.
I have the cc version. the toast did work though