3 Time-Saving TIPS to Work FASTER in Photoshop

This tutorial will teach three time-saving tips to work faster in Photoshop.

Let me know in the comments if you have any time-saving Photoshop tips!


In this tutorial, you’ll learn 3 Time-Saving Tips to Work Faster in Photoshop. These tips can be useful to get your projects at full speed. Let’s jump right in.

Open the Same Document In Two Windows

one way to work faster in Photoshop is by working on the same image in two windows.  No need to zoom in and out frequently!

To open a second tab for the same document, go to Window > Arrange > New Window for [Document Name].

Open the Same Document In Two Windows

Next, go to Window > Arrange and select 2-Up Vertical. Photoshop will open the same document side-by-side on two windows.

3 Time-Saving TIPS to Work FASTER in Photoshop

You can now edit the close-up details on one window and see the 100% view on the other.

You can move one of the open documents to the second monitor if you have a second monitor.

Keyboard Shortcuts to Navigate Two Documents

You can use these two useful Photoshop Keyboard shortcuts when working with the same document in two windows.

Hold Shift Spacebar and drag to pan both images at the same time.

Alt Shift (Windows) or Option Shift (Mac OS) to zoom out on both images simultaneously.

Actions for Small Repetitive Tasks

You can use the Actions feature to simplify repetitive tasks to save time.

Actions could be anything. Something as simple as changing the interface color or removing empty layers. Think about what you often do in your workflow and make a Photoshop Action out of that.

To create an action, go to Window > Actions to open the Actions dialogue box. The keyboard shortcut is Alt F9 (Windows) or Option F9 (Mac OS).

3 Time-Saving TIPS to Work FASTER in Photoshop

From the Actions panel, click on the New Action button.

From the New Actions dialogue box, you can assign a name, set, keyboard shortcut, and color.

When you’re ready to start recording your steps, press the Record button.

3 Time-Saving TIPS to Work FASTER in Photoshop

For this example, we will simply disable the Auto-Collapse Iconic Panels checkbox.

Launch the Preferences panel by pressing Ctrl K (Windows) or Command K (Mac OS) to do so. From the Workspace, tap uncheck Auto Collapse Iconic Panels.

3 Time-Saving TIPS to Work FASTER in Photoshop

Stop the action to complete it.

Then you can run the action to disable the auto-collapse whenever you need it.

Work Faster in Photoshop With The Efficiency Indicator

To adjust Photoshop’s performance, press the arrow icon at the bottom left-hand side of the document and select Efficiency.

The Efficiency Indicator rating would appear to show Photoshop’s performance efficiency.

3 Time-Saving TIPS to Work FASTER in Photoshop, efficiency indicator

If the Efficiency Indicator falls below 100%, Photoshop may run slower, and the Scratch Disk space may be low.

One way to fix Photoshop’s efficiency, go to Preferences > Performance and increase the memory allocation. The highest memory you can go to is 85%.

Final Thoughts

We hope you enjoyed the 3 Time-Saving Tips to Work Faster in Photoshop. Do share with us if you know of other ways to work faster in Photoshop.

If you create something using this tutorial, you can share your results on Instagram by tagging @photoshoptrainingchannel and using the hashtag #ptcvids for a chance to be featured!

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Thank you! Great tips that I will definitely try.