Swap Faces In Photoshop

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Swapping faces or heads is perhaps what Photoshop is most commonly used for. Just about every magazine cover, or every movie poster that you see has had a head or face replaced. There are many ways to replace a face in Photoshop but one of the quickest and most effective techniques is to use the Auto Blend Layers option in the Edit menu.

Auto Blend Layers will not only seamlessly and effortlessly blend a face to a body, but it will match the skin tone as well with very little work!  As you will see in this tutorial, you will be able to swap faces in Photoshop between two people with very different skin tones and this will only take a few clicks! Some times the eyes get a bit washed out but as you will see you can easily fix that. You could also check out my enhancing eyes in Photoshop tutorial to make the eyes even better!

This a fun technique that is not just for professionals anymore, you will now be able to easily combine pictures and put a face on a different body with just a few clicks. I’m sure you’ll impress your friends with your new acquired Photoshop skills!

Final Image

Swap Faces In Photoshop

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  1. Johnny says

    Very cool. I thought I was pretty good at face swapping till I saw this video. You made this look easy and the results are great.

  2. Cheryl says

    Hi. Great video! getting tons of giggles swapping faces on family photo’s. Is it possible to swap faces on a single photo with two or more faces? Thanks. Cheryl

  3. steve says

    Its not working for me, when i shift key both layers and do the blend it just turns the 5 pixel contract into a mask and the two faces still have same original color.

  4. steve says

    Okay i sorted it, for some reason if you press the delete key to delete the background images face and not use the backspace key it does what i said above but i have don’t understand why that makes a difference as they both remove the background using the selection.
    Can you explain the difference between using the delete and backspace.


  5. skoville says

    Man, I’m floored! I was doing this with puppet warp, masks, all kinds of color correcting.As long as the cheek bones are fairly close this is the way. Auto-blend, wow. Thanks, my headache is going away.

  6. Gabriel says

    Hello ,

    I am a student of photography on Iceland , I am making a final project about swap faces , I need to know if there is anybody known that made something similar so I can take a look and have an inspiration .
    Thank you in advance for any help you can give

  7. Bob Kushner says

    Do you provide transcripts of your video tutorials?
    A written transcript would be valuable to follow all the quick select keys that are rapidly used in the procedures.

  8. Chris says

    Hey so I have ben having trouble with merging faces with facial hair. Example, merging Jon Snow with Gandalf. Please help {:

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