Realistic Rock Text Effect

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In this tutorial, we’re going to create a realistic rock text effect using two images of real rocks.

We’ll start out by creating the background using the lighting effects filter, then well create the text by applying layer masks, layer styles, and a few adjustment layers. To finalize the effect, I’ll show you a few techniques you can use to enhance the lighting in the image. In this tutorial we’ll just focus on just one letter, but you can use this same technique on multiple letters to create a word.

Although we’ll use various techniques, and a number of adjustment layers to create a realistic effect. It is a very simple tutorial suitable for users of all levels. So give it a try.

If you have any questions or comments feel free to leave them down below.

Final Image


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  1. Joe says

    I didn’t get past the filter step in the tutorial. Once I made the rock a smart object, the lighting effects filter grayed out.

  2. C Hernandez says

    Because I do not use ANY of the social networks, does this mean I cannot download the tutorials, or tutorial files, for subscribers only?

  3. William says

    So I’m watching the eye tutorial and in the multi color eyes the second eye seems to have a bit of a drop for me. I’m not sure how to fill with white or black. I got to that point following along and all was good and then smack. I think it is a great tutorial. I’m trying to improve my PS knowledge so maybe I’m not to this point yet. Would like to know what the steps were after you realized that you needed to delete the other eye and fill with white no black. That’s where you lost me.

    • says

      William, you fill with White or Black on the layer mask. I use the keyboard shortcuts Ctrl Backspace, and Alt Backspace (to fill with foreground and background colors). Black hides pixels, and white shows them.

  4. brandon says

    I didn’t get past the filter step in the tutorial. Once I made the rock a smart object, the lighting effects filter blacked out. i am using the latest version of PS

  5. Gordon says

    I’m still in the beginner stage. I find you tutorials very helpful. There are so many things to remember in PS. but that will come with practice. Keep up the good work.

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