Create a Paint Peeling Off Text Effect

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In this Photoshop video training tutorial, we’ll look at how to create Photoshop text textures.

Creating this text effect will requires nothing more than a photo to use as the texture, an adjustment layer, and of course, some text!

But the difference in this tutorial is that we wont be using masks, clipping masks, or blending modes to add the texture to the text as we’ve done in other tutorials; like the fur text effect for example. We will instead use the good ol’ “pattern overlay” layer style!

This effect works best when you use a texture that has some transparent sections, so that part of the text is not affected by the texture. This usually creates the most realistic results.

Photoshop text textures are always fun to create and you usually learn a lot while doing them, I hope that this tutorial is no different for you!

Leave any comments or questions below and feel free to share your results with me!

Final Image:

Photoshop Text Textures

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  1. skoville says

    I was having fun with the colors. Great site. Although I hate the “Captcha”.

    • says

      Nice! Thanks for sharing it! Feel free to share it on my Facebook page and Google + page if you like.

      And sorry about the Captcha, but I used to get hundreds of spam comments a day until I added it. Maybe I will look for a different solution.

      Thanks for all the comments by the way!

      • skoville says

        Oh no, keep the Captcha. I’ve got a site I use for storage and just experimenting and I had to stopped comments etc. for the same reason. I’ll put the Space Walk on your Facebook.
        It nice to do tuts that click! This is really fun.

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