Create a Pencil Drawing From a Photo In Photoshop


In this tutorial I’m going to show you how to create a pencil drawing from a photo in Photoshop. We’ll start out with the same stock photo that I used for the Mockingjay movie poster tutorial, and we’ll apply a few effects to give it the pencil drawing look. This effect is very straight forward; you can apply it to almost […]

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Wacom Tablets: An Introduction – With Carlos Garro, Sebastian Bleak, and Jesús Ramirez


Wacom table presentation with Carlos Garro, Sebastian Bleak, and Jesus Ramirez.

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Compositing 3D Models Into Photographs Using Photoshop


Tutorial showing you how to use Photoshop CC’s 3D features to create a realistic composite between a 3D model and a Photograph.

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Long Shadow Icon Design


In this tutorial I will take you through the process of creating the long shadow effect. This could be done on a logo or text. The long shadow effect is usually seen in “Flat Design” which is a style that removes any effect that gives three-dimensions to an illustration, such as gradients, textures and bevels. Flat design focuses on […]

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Cinematic Color Grading (Movie Look Effect) in Photoshop


In this tutorial I will show you how to apply the cinematic effect to your photographs. The cinematic effect that we’re going for is the teal-orange look, which is a typical movie effect in action movies. This effect gives the dark shades of your image a cool teal tone, while the light shades take a warm orange […]

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